Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the UAE, the capital is Dubai city. Dubai is one of the cities more dinamic in the region.

The city is one of the fastest-growing in the world and major construction projects constantly add to its impressive set of skyscrapers and high-tech buildings. The evolution of the city from a collection around Bedouin Creek settlements, to a modern city with more than 500 skyscrapers, and has been spectacular. The rulers of Dubai have adopted for the development of their responsibilities seriously, resulting in a well managed and carefully thought out the city, designed to meet all the modern comforts they need.

During the IBTM fair in Barcelona (Spain), the next UNIVERSAL EXPO to be held in Dubai in 2020 has been presented. It will be the first Expo in the Moidle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region.

This global celebration will touch the hearts and minds of people who visit through its stories, cultures, music, art, architecture, business ideas and innovations.

During the month of October 2020 until April 20121 the great Expo to be held in Dubai will be presented to the world, which will be located first in the Middle East, with 192 present countries where each one will have its pavilion, a milestone that is made for the first time in the history of the Expo. In total there will be 200 pavilions.

There will also be 200 restaurants, more than 15 hours of entertainment and daily entertainment, 60 shows a day and it is estimated that it will be visited by more than 25 million people.

With these figures, an event is being organized where the technology with SIEMENS, CISCO and Oliver Krafft will make the exhibition totally connected, and totally sustainable mobility.

The city will benefit from new connections across the world and the level of knowledge will be much greater at the end of the EXPO.

Text: John Mc Callan and Albert Loaso

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