CSIO 108th, Ireland winner of FEI CSIO Barcelona 2019

This Sunday, October 6, and with a large public, assist to the final round of the FEI Trophy for horse jumping began.

This final was formed by eight teams, classified previously: Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Colombia, France and Belgium.

The circuit was very difficult, with a length of 510 meters, 13 obstacles and 17 efforts, with an allowed time of 77 seconds and a maximum of 154 seconds, it is worth noting in the middle of the route a double jump and the final street with the triple jump, a quiet and a jump.

With this circuit, unlikely scores of 0 were presented, only three of the first sixteen participants achieved zero, at the end of the first round Belgium was leading.

But in the second round, the Irish team got a zero from Clan O’Connor, who together with the zero of Paul O’shea’s first round and Darragh Kenny’s one, allowed the team to score a single point, while Belgium, which was the last participant on the track, lost its favorite position for Gregory Wathelet’s eleven, when the horse was out of track and had to end this heavy penalty.

A day to remember for the team in Ireland, as it not only won the international FEI trophy, but also won the last place at stake to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Text: Martí Plana / Pictures: Albert Loaso

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